Developing a Solution

Developing a Solution

No two businesses are the same. LexTech understands that. Our Engineers will work directly with your team to develop the best solution that meets your needs while working within your budget. LexTech has partnered with several companies to provide you with options and solutions. 

Office 365

Hosting your Email internally or with outside providers is a very scary thing. Data Breaches, deleted email, and lost data is a common occurance. With LexTech Office 365 solution, this becomes a thing of the past. We offer full email backups, Data Governance, and Full Exchange with our Office 365 Platform. 

On-site and Off-Site Backups

LexTech develops a full backup solution to protect your companies data. We believe in local and off-site backups to create a base layer of company recovery and Disaster recovery. 

Data Center Co-Lo or Managed

LexTech works directly with your team to design the best infrastructure for your needs. Our State-of-the-art Data Centers provide you with Business continuity and reliable up-time. 

Benefits of IT Data Vault Services

  • Fully Managed and Staff Free Backups: Our managed remote backup service is fully-managed including installatio, tracking and backup error-correction. Shifting this critical and recurring network management task from your own IT team to LexTech enables your team to focus on other important areas of your business. 
  • Web-Based Access: We provide you with a web-based access that allows your team to verify things such as data backup statuses and data replication progress and completions. We give you full control and oversight. 
  • Off-Site Backup out of the box: Our Backup solution replicates your data off-site automatically and notifies both you and our team when it completes. giving you a piece of Mind that your data is protected. 
  • Flexible backup design: our backup solution is customizable. Backup the files or folders that are important and leave the clutter. This keeps cost low and your data protected. 
  • Encryption: Your backed up data is encrypted to ensure that all data stored or transmitted from your office to our Data Center is safe with at least 256-bit RSA.