Cloud Consulting

Think Your Business is Ready for the Cloud?

Cloud Computing, Cloud Migration, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Cloud Storage, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Backup, Hosted Exchange, Shared Resources, Dedicated Resources, Teleworking, RTO/RPO, Co-location, Single-tenancy, Multi-tenancy....

Confused Yet?

LexTech provides cloud planning and implementation solutions to help you navigate your way to the cloud. LexTech’s Cloud Consulting Services are based on implementing the best practices and solutions that will help minimize risk and maximize success. There are several complexities involved with building and operating a cloud environment. With our Certified Professional Engineers, we can assist you in building the proper infrastructure you need to run your business successfully. 

Cloud Readiness Assessments

LexTech has developed a comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA), where we can conduct a high-level evaluation of your environment and provide you with a clear road map to help you leverage the advantages that the Cloud has to offer. 

Data Center Consulting

LexTech understands that your business’ mission is critical. We understand that your IT operations need to be available for your staff, customers, vendors, and partners. Every second counts You have invested in an IT infrastructure that powers your organization, and you demand continuous performance with optimal up-time and mitigated downtime. 

Developing a Solution

No two businesses are the same. LexTech understands that. Our Engineers will work directly with your team to develop the best solution that meets your needs while working within your budget. LexTech has partnered with several companies to provide you with options and solutions.