10 Reasons Why Businesses are Switching to an IT Managed Service (MSP)

You’re always hearing about the hype surrounding a new item, like the iPhone X. For the business and IT World, the latest spotlight is on managed IT services. Around the globe, small and medium companies are partnering with managed service providers (MSPs) to support their ever growning IT needs, which is driving the expected growth of managed services more then $190 billion by 2020.

Here are 10 Reasons why you should look at partnering with a MSP:

Provides a Cost-Effective Alternative

For all businesses, one of the most enticing benefits of managed IT services is they avoid expanding their IT staff, which is an expensive endeavor when compared to the fees changed by MSPs for their services. 

Supplements IT Department Limits

Every IT department has their limit, whether it’s time or skill. That’s why, for some companies, it isn’t a question of, “Why should we use an MSP?”. Instead, it’s a given, since their IT team is overwhelmed with responsibilities. 

Diverts In-House IT Staff’s Time

Managed IT services give IT staff the time they need to focus on more pressing in-house projects instead of shuffling between multiple responsibilities.

Delivers Optimal Security

No matter the industry, security is essential. One of the leading benefits of an MSP is they specialize in handling a company’s network security, which assures businesses their sensitive data is safe.

Offers a Proactive Approach to IT

Another answer for why businesses use an MSP is because these providers take a proactive approach to IT, ensuring networks, mobile devices and cloud services are up-to-date in maintenance, security patches and more.

Makes Expert Advice Accessible

While some IT departments have pros in cloud computing, they may be empty-handed when it comes to mobile device management. MSPs give businesses direct access to a community of experts in a range of subject matter areas.

Gives Predictable Costs Each Month

Future planning by MSPs provides businesses with a predictable cost. For smaller companies, a future expense they can account for lets them create a precise budget and deliver accurate financial forecasts.

Improves Customer Relations and Service

Boosting customer relations is one answer to the question, “Why choose a managed service provider?” When MSPs eliminate or minimalize the downtime of their client’s services — whether it’s their online store or VoIP phone system — they enhance that client’s relationship with their customers, which can lead to more sales.

Boosts Workplace Productivity

 A benefit of MSPs that companies cite is how they improve workplace productivity. With a secure, stable network and fewer help desk tickets, staff and IT departments can do more with their time in the office.

Prevents Expensive Downtime and Breaches

Security breaches and extensive downtime can turn expensive fast. Businesses with MSPs avoid these financial risks by receiving consistent updates to their network as well as risk assessments and fast responses when their network goes offline.

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