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Strategic IT Management

What LexTech Strategic IT Management Looks Like:

LexTech prides itself for our ability to help businesses grow through Strategic IT Management. Our staff will work directly with your team and design, develop, deploy, document, and support any IT Project. No Project is to large or to small.

What we do:

  • Listen to your Needs – We consider this the most important aspect. We want to know what you want and need.
  • Develop a Project based on your Needs and Wants – we take what you need and want and develop out a full diagram before deciding on products.
  • Help Develop a Budget for a Project – We work with you to build a reasonable budget for the project and then stay withing the budget.
  • Vendor selection – LexTech is vendor agnostic which means we don’t push a specific vendor on you. We work with all brands. This allows our team to recommend the best product for the project.
  • Project Planning – LexTech builds out a time line and works with other vendors to accomplish the project on time and on budget.
  • Documentation – After any project we supply you with a full document that outlines how it works and supporting documents for future support.

Benefits of LexTech Strategic IT Management

  • Scope assessments for potential sourcing of infrastructure services
  • Operating model design for blended insourced/outsourced responsibilities
  • assessments to determine the strongest service providers for your business
  • Market pricing analysis
  • communications strategy and planning for organizational transition
  • Change Control Management approach and planning for system-wide change delivery

Not sure which services you need?

Don’t worry — we got you covered! Just send us a line and we’ll come running!