Healthcare Industry2

Healthcare Industry

“In today’s information technology-intensive healthcare environment, you need to focus on your patients and allow LexTech focus on your Technology”

Managed IT Services Contacts and Support Agreements

In the continuing transformation of Healthcare systems, several challenges raise. Controlling costs, regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, patient safety and the rapid changes of medical and information technology are stressing already limited resources.

LexTech answers these issues with our variety of solutions. With our managed it services, we can protect your patient information, infrastructure, and systems from unwanted access.

Some of the services that have helped our Healthcare clients are:

  • IT Managed Services Contract
  • IT Managed Security
  • IT Mail Services
  • IT Mobile Device Management
  • Compliance Services
  • Asset Disposal and Recycling Services
  • IT Recovery Services
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Strategic IT Management Solutions

Not sure which services you need?

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