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CTO/CIO For Hire​

As professional consultants dedicated to bettering your business through the implementation of effective IT strategies, LEXTech does much more than recommend turnkey, non-customized solutions. We take the time to learn and understand exactly how your business operates in order to ensure your IT strategy is directly in line with your business goals. We will evaluate your existing IT infrastructure, take into account the direction and growth of your business, and help you get the most out of your IT.

CIO & CTO Managed Services for Strategic Planning

In today’s global business environment, the “new normal” requires businesses of all sizes to face continued economic challenges and the expanded role of government. Increased application of technology is a business enabler that drives growth and change through innovation. Today’s CIOs and CTOs must be business-savvy leaders; visionaries who can apply new technologies in creative ways. Today’s IT leadership must possess strong business acumen and be able to:

  • A+ Hardware Specialization (CompTIA A+)
  • Certified Cisco Internetwork Expert (Cisco CCIE)
  • Microsoft Certified Server Expert (MCSE)
  • VMWare Certified Expert (VCP 6+)

While every company would benefit from the services of a CIO/CTO, very few can afford the expense. Therefore, Creative Innovation Solutions Group provides its clients with CIO & CTO managed services. These services give small and mid-sized businesses access to the services and benefits of both a CIO and CTO. Clients get the expertise while effectively sharing the costs with other companies. Creative Innovation Solutions Group works with you to define your budget based on your needs.

LEXTech CIO & CTO managed services provide the following to small and mid-sized businesses.

  • Business technology advisement and help incorporating technology plans into the overall business strategy.
  • Thorough training, development, and resource planning across departments from the C-level down.
  • Staffing of technology and management positions, based on your requirements, meeting project demand and business and IT integration needs.
  • Administration of the overall performance of supplier service as measured against service agreements to ensure the highest levels of support throughout the company.
  • IT project management to ensure that application development and maintenance aligns with department and business goals. We ensure that the projects and deliverables align to business needs, therefore, providing the best cost performance ratio.

First of all, we take the time to understand your business and business environment to match your needs to the best technology suppliers. Next, we design and develop the highest quality solution, meeting your needs and bringing about the most cost effective solution to support your organization.

Not sure which services you need?

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