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New Lex Technology LEADs App Version 2.0
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LEADs Mobile App Version LogsLEADs Mobile App Version Logs

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BIO-Metric Login

The ability for vendors to login to the mobile Application utilizing touch or Face-ID

Auto-Hide Routes once completed

When a vendor has completed a “Route” it will auto-hide from the interface for easier management of Open Routes.

July 2023

Here’s what’s new in Version 1.8.0 (Build: 20230705.153.180)


GPS Coordinates Validation Update

This release of the Mobile Application of LEADs has updated when the GPS is pulled from a vendor’s mobile device from when the stop is opened to when the vendor clicks “DONE.” The mobile device provides the GPS to the Mobile Application while the APP is open and in use. This resolves the “Not in Radius” Issue that has been reported by vendors.


10-Key Keyboard for Data Entry

When a vendor enters data in a Numeric field, only the 10-Key keyboard will appear. This will resolve issues with vendors entering alpha numeric and causing data issues within LEADs System.


GPS Turn by Turn Direction Issues with Orders

When a vendor clicks “Get Directions” from the Order Screen, the current location of the vendor will be used as the starting point and the Mapping software will utilize the “Car” mode. This resolves the “Unavailable Location” issue within the Order Get Directions issue.

July 2023

Here’s what’s new in Version 1.7.0 (Build: 20230602.152.170)

Image Compression and Upload Speed

Mobile Application’s ability to compress an image and upload to LEADs server quicker while on LTE or 5G. Providing the ability to see larger images and faster uploads.

Continues Circle when Uploading Data

When a vendor uploads data to the LEADs server and clicks “Done” a spinning circle will appear and remain until the transfer is complete. This allows the Vendor to know that the data is transferring. 

Mobile APP Version Validation

When a vendor opens the Mobile APP, the app will validate the version number against the current version. If the Mobile APP is not the same, the Vendor will be prompted to update the app form the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Username First Character Uppercase

When a vendor logs into the mobile app, the first letter is no longer auto uppercased.

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