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We Believe People Make Technology Work!

Lex Technology was founded in 2017 as a result of a company not able to find an IT Provider that offered the technology innovation to allow their company to grow and compete in their Industry. The owner and CEO Jerry Knauss had a vision to deliver a full-service IT department to small businesses that was responsive, professional, friendly, and adaptive to small business owners’ needs.

Lex Technology Is A Global IT Service Provider.

With our LexTech suite of services backed by our professional and friendly support teams, small businesses can get access to resources, tools, and solutions they need to run their organizations effectively. We are, after all, on a mission to empower small businesses with IT solutions, services, and teams to grow and support their businesses — one business at a time.


Our engineers are always learning and increasing knowledge capacity. These certifications and knowledge allow support and customization for all customer’s needs


We assume responsibility and face all IT issues expeditiously. We strive for solutions!


Our customer support has no boundaries. Customers have access to Support 24/7/365.


we’re more than just a local it service provider

As corporate citizens, we are involved in various charitable organizations. Our reach extends beyond technology to organizations dear to our hearts and close to our homes. Lex Technology is active with St. Jude, local schools, Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, and homeless shelters to shape the lives of our local citizens.

What Makes Us different


We are technologists. We have verified credentials, experience, understanding of the options, and the expertise to customize the solution that works for our clients.


Our focus is business solutions. Discovery, Evaluation, Customization, Presentation, and Implementation is the pathway to Optimal IT solutions.


We are Human Resources that provide IT solutions in a language our clients understand.